When your company is so good

that the financial world 

must know about it...

It needs to be seen by

the right investors.

O/M Partners works with over 5,000 institutional and independent money managers who are mandated to buy stock in the open market. We cover over 30 cities in the US and Europe. We are tireless and passionate about matching our clients with the right investors.


Since 1995, O/M's New York-based marketing professionals have been bringing Wall Street together with the senior management of publically traded companies on the TSX, NASDAQ and OTCQX. We specialize in

non-deal institutional marketing of micro and small caps.


There’s no better group to take your act on the road. 

It is the companies that sponsor these topical webinars that make it possible for us to produce them.  It is your job to tell your company story.  It is our job to create chemistry between your company and potential investors.  If you are interested in becoming a content sponsor please feel free to contact us!

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