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S T R A T E G I Z E.

I N S T I T U T I O N A L I Z E.



New York-based O/M Partners is a non-deal investor marketing firm dedicated to small cap, under-recognized companies. Our investor targeting effort focuses on generalists, sector specialist investors, as well as small institutions that a company has not been shown by its bankers.





O/M Partners maintains strong relationships with over 5,000 accredited investors across the United States and Europe.


The real gem of our program is our extensive network of small and microcap generalists. While New York, Boston, Chicago and San Fransisco are  key financial centers, our marketing has generated strong traction in the secondary and tertiary markets such as Hartford, Southern Connecticut, Baltimore, Atlanta, South Florida, Dallas, Denver, St. Louis Minneapolis, Kansas City, Milwaukee, Portland and Seattle.


We’ve made excellent headway with tier two and three institutions, family offices, independent money mangers and high-net-worth investors.These generalists are key to increasing your stock price and providing you with liquidity. They are nimble, cashed up, and are treating these times as a tremendous buying opportunity.





There are many reasons why investors will meet with a small public company.They may be interested in a particular industry, but unable to invest in a micro-cap company. They may be looking for an information edge rather than an investment. They may own a peer company and want to check out the competition. They may want to make an introduction to a banker. They may just want a free lunch. This part of the targeting process comes down to integrity.


The pact between O/M and you - our client: We don't waste your time or money. We only schedule meetings with investors who can buy your stock in the open maket now. They must have a legitmate interest in meeting management and hearing your story. The proof is in the follow-up.

You won't hear that your stock is too small.


We find that more than 60% of an investor's decision to buy a small-cap, undervalued stock is based on meeting management: Investors must be convinced that the leadership is committed to behaving like a public company and creating shareholder value. It sure helps if management

has skin in the game and their interests are aligned with shareholders. Investors like to know that you are eating your own cooking.





Our Town Hall events are powerful and impactful web-based group calls. They consist of 8-10 key vetted investors from a national audience of micro and small cap buyers. 


Town Hall broadcasts are a great way to test markets and gauge interest prior to physical road shows. The calls are especially good at serving outlying tertiary markets where a full-on road show would not be justified.


They are also a great follow-up medium after the tour. Most IR firms depend on the one hour buy-my-stock meeting. We find that the second touch, after the road show, is when serious investor interest develops.


Our broadcasts are not typical financial conference calls where management speaks into a vacuum hoping for questions. They are dynamic and collaborative. Every investor is introduced by name, firm

and city. Questions and comments are solicited from everyone.


This is what O/M Partners calls group due diligence. As one top producing broker from Minneapolis remarked, "All the questions I didn't think to ask were answered. And all the questions I wasn't smart enough to ask were answered."